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It is best to book your Alaska Cruise or Alaska Cruisetour early.
When you speak to people who have cruised a great deal and ask them their favorite destination, more often than not the will say ALASKA!  What’s so unusual is that they describe it in terms you cannot fathom--UNTIL YOU GO THERE!
You might think of desolation, ice fields and cloud-laden land but Alaska is anything but desolate.  Its location makes it one of the most ideal, calm places in the world to cruise and tour.  There’s no more beautiful, prime, untouched forestland in the world than ALASKA’S INSIDE PASSAGE.  And, there’s no better way to take it all in than on the deck of a world-class cruise ship.  Each day offers you astonishing seascapes and all the things that are Alaska.

We have been to Alaska over nine times on three different ships and on several itineraries so we can help guide you in the selection of a ship and an itinerary that suits you.

Get Closer to Alaska’s Natural Beauty in a Smaller Ship.....
A glacier is one of nature’s masterpieces--Soaring, Brilliant and Magnificent.  Of course, you can see it from a distance, but to experience it, you have to be close.  Close enough to breathe in the glacier’s chill--close enough to witness for yourself the indescribable color of blue--close enough to be part of the true magic of Alaska.
It takes a small ship to bring you that close.  When you are surrounded by crystal water studded with gleaming ice, you’ll recognize the awesome presence of the wilderness.  Alaska is a place where the ordinary doesn’t exist, a time in which the hands of a clock simply don’t matter.  It is a place that will touch your spirit and send you home, forever changed.  Aboard a "small ship" is the way to enjoy the magnificent wilderness.

Discover All of Alaska--Expand your Alaska Experience.....
Since an Alaska Cruise or Cruisetour may be a once in a lifetime experience and you want it to be perfect, we have the knowledge to help ensure it.  We can help answer your questions.
What do I want to experience?
Will I be in the right place at the right time?
Will I spend extra time in the best places?
What do I want to see and do?
Will I see the best glaciers and wildlife?
Do I want a large ship or small ship experience?
When is the best time to go?
Which ship or tour fit me?


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